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Beepxtra Features

Digital Payment Platform

Enable your business to receive digital payments and provide a top up facility for your clients.
Stay ahead of the digital payments wave!

Free Advertising

With BeepXtra you have access to free advertising and innovative internal messages direct to your clients.

State of the Art Loyalty System

Introduces your clients to digital payments seamlessly and invisibly, whilst rewarding them at the same time.

About BeepXtra

Beep Xtra is a revolutionary LOYALTY PROGRAM that focuses on building stronger customer relationships with stores existing clientele as well as giving incentives to these customers to buy more.

Beep Xtra is at the forefront of building an interconnected family of stores locally, regionally and internationally, whereby these stores benefit from each other and gain greater exposure.


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Digital Payment Platform

  • Top up Beep Cards
  • Accept Beep Card Payments

$49.99 one time integration fee

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Advanced Integrations


For Technical Integrations

  • Website Integrations
  • 3rd Party ePOS
  • Beep ePOS

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